I didn’t want to run today.  I woke up tired and every minute of my morning screamed, “don’t do it!”  I tried to trick myself into it by going through the motions of getting ready without really allowing myself to think about what I was going to do.  As the queen of multitasking (self-proclaimed of course) I rarely do one thing at a time, especially in the morning while getting two children off to school.  It’s just unheard of.  But, here I was this morning literally allowing myself to go step by step.  One thing at a time, so not to find more reasons not to run.

I got my Son off to school and told myself I WOULD NOT drive my Daughter Makayla (Kay) to the bus stop.  It is very close, but down a pretty good size hill. (everything is up or down a hill here) It’s embarrassing to admit that I have driven more than walking with her each morning.  It’s just easier, but isn’t that how we get out of shape? I knew if I walked down, the fresh air and beautiful scenery would motivate me to continue.  I made sure I was in my running shoes, shorts, and had my music ready to go. I told myself if I was *that* tired, I could just go home after walking her down instead of the run that loomed in the back of my mind. 

Walking to the bus stop I wasn’t convinced, but when I get to the little white chapel on the corner where the bus stops, I saw the Sound.  There is just something about living near the water that makes me happy.  After kissing Kay goodbye, another Mom from down the street notices my running outfit for the second day in a row and says, “Good for you for making time for yourself!” I thanked her, told her how hard it is to stay motivated and started to run.

I ran down to the pier, down the steps and along the beach.  I climbed another set of stairs a ways down and walked back home (all uphill).  It was a 45 minute cardio workout and even though my body is moaning from its new sudden use, I feel good.  I’m still tired, but I feel good. 🙂

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