People have their panties in a bunch over it! Women on Submarines

I would love to hear why people are still talking about this and against it. If you are upset by this, I’d love for you to leave a comment and tell me why.  

****From The Navy Times ******

Female submariners finish 1st part of training

By Sam Fellman – Staff writer
Posted : Monday May 9, 2011 15:57:54 EDT

The Navy’s first female submariners have reached their first training milestone — completing nuclear power school — and are on track to arrive at four ballistic- and guided-missile subs as soon as this fall, the Navy announced Monday in a press release.

Having finished nuclear power school, eight women were to report Monday to the Submarine Officer Basic Course in Groton, Conn., joining a class of 74 men; it is the first co-ed class in SOBC history. Following the 10-week course, they will enter the next phase of their training, Naval Nuclear Prototype Training. They are expected to arrive at their subs in February 2012, according to Lt. Brian Wierzbicki, spokesman for Submarine Group 10.

“Even though they’re going to SOBC first, they’re going to be the second group of females to report to their boats,” Wierzbicki said, who added that after they graduate SOBC, they still have to go to through six months of prototype training.

There are already 10 women at prototype training, who will head to SOBC upon finishing, Wierzbicki said. This group is scheduled to join the sub force in November.

All submarine officer trainees are required to complete nuclear power school, nuclear prototype training and the submarine officer basic course, but the order of SOBC and prototype training is interchangeable, depending on class dates and availability, Wierzbicki said. He also explained that the women, coming from three commissioning sources, entered the service at different dates and that the two groups were created to secure spots in nuke power school.

The boats slated to get female officers are the ballistic subs Wyoming and Maine and guided-missile subs Georgia and Ohio. Both the blue and gold crews of each boat will each get two female nuclear-trained officers, as well as a female supply lieutenant who will serve as a professional mentor.

When the Navy announced the first batch of female submariners in October, there were 21 women. Since then, two have left temporarily for graduate studies and one has been medically disqualified.

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