Good Morning Washington!

I really don’t know how many times I have started working out only to make up some fabulous excuses (If I do say so myself) to quit.  Well, maybe not quit…just not continue for a bit.  Normally every deployment meant a new workout commitment.  The Husband would deploy and I was on it!  Then month two or three came around and the lack of sleep, overwhelming schedule, and emotional eating (<—see, I told you there were fabulous excuses! ) made working out just another thing I *should* be doing, but could easily live without it.

Now that the Husband is on Shore Duty, I’m finding it really hard to come up with excuses.  So, today is DAY 1. I went for a walk/run down to the beach and back. Going down to the beach is fun because it is all down hill.  I ran the entire thing. Coming back up was another story.  I came to the conclusion that I don’t like hills.  The only way I can see ever having a positive relationship with them is if they turn my butt from a jiggling mess into sculpted hotness.

And that leads me to another thought.  I want a before picture, but who in the world to you want to take your fat picture!?  Normally you get into a bikini or sports bra and look all sad while sticking out your gut.  This is a best friends job in my opinion, but mine is in another country.  I could ask my husband, but I really don’t care to point out all my flaws when he seems to think they don’t exists.  Some would argue that it would be the honest thing to do in a marriage.  Ha.  No thank you.  I enjoy the way he looks at me now.  I guess it’s up to me, my phone and the bathroom mirror.  Should be entertaining.

Wish me LUCK! And if you want to join me and my antics, let’s go.

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