Shore Duty Mondays

This being our first Shore Duty after back-to-back Sea Tours, I envisioned bliss. I had a picture show playing through my mind at night as I counted down the days to having a husband home every day. And with a husband home, came help with kids and daily activities. I saw a more relaxed me having dinner at the same time every night and someone to cook with.

I didn’t foresee that Shore Duty was still considered Active Duty Military and therefore requires travel, after hours and weekend emergency calls, and finishing degrees. Don’t get me wrong, Shore Duty is still pretty impressive. The other day the Washing Machine broke and I wasn’t the one fixing it, nor did I have to call anyone. Yesterday, I wasn’t the one on top of an extremely tall ladder trying to put hooks on the house for hanging baskets. And most nights I get to fall asleep next to a man who I not only love, but after getting to spend so much time with, I actually LIKE! To put the icing on the cake, I can also say, “Ask your Father!!” This alone is magical. 

Last night was a late night. I didn’t get to go to sleep until 2ish because I was waiting on The Husband. After many years of deployments, you would think sleeping alone would be easy, but there I was flipping through channels, sipping on tea…waiting. Some would say it’s sweet, others would say foolish. Last night I thought it was sweet, this morning as my alarm went off at 6, and I’ll go with foolish.

Shore Duty really is great, especially when compared to Sea Duty (That’s how they get you! 😉 ) I love having him home and I do feel like a more relaxed *me*.  I just know that Shore Duty Mondays would be a lot easier if I could just sleep alone.

*YAWN* I hope everyone has a great Monday! : )

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