Heeerrreeee Motivation…motivation…motivation

I told myself that this week was the week I started working out.  Again. I don’t know how many times I have gone through this cycle. I got into great shape after having my two children, but they are now going to be 9 and 12. Huh. It doesn’t feel like it was THAT long ago.

I stayed in shape until I hurt my knee in 2005, which started a crazy cycle of being in shape, then gaining 20+ lbs over and over. I had three surgeries, each two years apart. It sucked. My last Surgery was at the end of 2009 and even though I have terrible arthritis in that knee, there are no more excuses. Trust me, I’ve tried to make new ones up. My most recent “excuse” was moving cross-country.  I had gotten within ten pounds of my goal before the move and now that I am here in the beautiful and very in shape Pacific Northwest, I have gained 10 lbs back. Go Figure. 

Now that I’ve run out of excuses, I guess I need to put some effort into this. I was using Weight Watchers Online, which was perfect for me. It cost less than $20 a month and I am able to track my food and work outs. I know I could just keep track of calories, but I need to make sure I am eating enough of the right stuff. If it wasn’t for WW, I could easily live off of Diet Dr. Peppers, cheese, and sushi. Great, now I’m hungry.

Today, I am going to do an overhaul on my house. I figure if I want to work out, my life has to be on a schedule first. We’ve only lived here 4 months and I need to finish some organizing. I have my iPod loaded with new music and my Diet Dr. Peppers on hand. I will get this done today so that tomorrow can be day one of exercising. Unless I can think of another excuse before then. . .

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