Sci Fi Characters or Basketball Players?

I coach a U-11 Coed Basketball team on base.  I love it. I have 9-11 year olds and this age group keeps me moving and laughing. I encourage the kids to pick whatever name they want for their jerseys. This year’s team is unique to say the least.  As I stand in front of the shirt guy today to place my teams order, he is reading down the list . . .”Convicted?” he says. “Yes”, I reply. “Is this Bobbles, or Bubbles?” he asked in a concerned and confused voice. “That would be Bubbles,” I said. “So, Monkey, Bubbles, Convicted, Blade, The Man, Super Man, Spooner, and Kaylee,” He says. “Yep, that would be my team”, I sighed.  He chuckled along with the others in the office and all I can do is smile. These kids are awesome! Hopefully none of these names are foreshadowing to what their future holds.

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