The Parents are coming. . .

This was an unplanned visit. My parents are coming in from St. Louis and don’t seem to get that this is work, not a vacation for me. They will be leaving freezing weather for my warm sunny porch and I will be getting ready to have two adults in my house which I must tote around to practices, games, and rearrange my schedule for work and play. I did politely inform the planner of the two, which would be my Mom that this wasn’t as good of a time as originally thought and that I would rather them come at a later date. With that said, they decided to still come now. If I knew I could say, “don’t come” without causing a family uprising, I would. I think a may have an anxiety attack, but other than that, I’ll make it through.

Why is it so hard to tell Parents NO?? Maybe it’s the whole they gave me life and oh yeah, I’m Catholic! Ever heard of Catholic guilt!? lol

Now, I can look forward to my Dad Falling asleep on the couch with the TV up too loud and telling the kids they are too loud and he can’t hear the TV.  While my Mom sits and looks at me and complains she can’t breathe (asthma) in my house and blames air fresheners, candles, the dogs, and plants….

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