2009 = More or Less $$

Most of you know about our annual increase in Base Pay (3.9% for 2009), but BAH has also been reevaluated and you need to check it out! 

Your BAH will either go up, down or stay the same. You can CLICK HERE and put in you Zip Code to find out what you will be getting on your next pay check!

Don’t get all upset if you have a mortgage or pay rent and your BAH shows that it is going down. You are grandfathered in, which means you keep your current BAH. 

But, if you are just moving off base, or looking into buying, beware, you will be receiving whatever the new BAH is.

It’s good to know what you are supposed to be receiving so that if it is ever wrong you can catch it and not end up owing the Military for getting “over paid”.

One thought on “2009 = More or Less $$

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