Happy Thanksgiving!!!

images2   It’s 6AM Thanksgiving morning and the 24lb turkey is in the oven!  I did the touch down hand signals once it was in and cooking.  Normally I take pictures of my turkey conquest, this year, Tom the Turkey ate a little too much grain and was a handful!!  I do have to say that my hands are super soft after T.T.T (Tom The Turkey) got his olive oil rub down.  I threw all my favorite spices together and put T.T.T in an oven bag.  Let’s all take a moment of silence to say a prayer that T.T.T turns out well.  Ok, so I don’t want “well”, I want freakin awesome!  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

    I wish there were pictures of me shaking the flour around in the oven bag. . .I didn’t hold it closed tight enough and I was quickly covered in a fine mist of flour.  Ahhh, a moment my husband lives for.  He would get that smirk and kiss my fore head.  I’m sure it would be merely for the fact that he is entertained every day in our marriage by my grace. Sigh. : )

    Some of you are probably thinking, “Marie, your husband is deployed and unless you don’t write about your other 20 kids, why are you fixing a 24 lb T.T.T ?”  Good question.  Yes, Zach and Kay are my only children unless I missed something.  And yes, the husband is deployed through the holidays.  I’m just really hungry?  Ok, no.  Some of the wives from my husbands crew are getting together and we are having our own version of Thanksgiving!  It’s wonderful.  We will laugh and enjoy each others company and I’m sure there may be a few teary eyes during our dinner prayer, but no one will say a word.  We have so much to be thankful for.  And we will be taking LOTS of pictures for the husbands.

    And speaking of husbands.  

To my husband:

    I have no idea where you are today, but I thank you for making this day possible. I wish you could call or write, but I understand Submariners don’t get that luxury.  Without you and the brave men and women serving our country, your friends, family, children, and I could not be sitting down to celebrate today.  I do not like that you are gone.  I can’t stand it.  But, I understand and support the decision to serve 100%.  I miss you and love you and are counting down they days to your return. Be safe, and know that you are loved and missed more than you will ever know.  All my love, Forever and A Day-M.


Happy Thanksgiving to my husbands entire sub crew and their Families!  You know who you are. ; )


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