Navy News – Advancement Results are out for cycle 200


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It is interesting to see the rates and percentages, just thought others may find it to be interesting as well. : )

Congratulations to all those who were promoted. : )



Fall 2008 Petty Officer Advancements Released; Opportunity Holds Steady
Story Number: NNS081121-08
Release Date: 11/21/2008 4:39:00 PM
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From Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs

WASHINGTON (NNS) — The Chief of Naval Personnel (CNP) released the Cycle 200 active-duty advancements Nov. 19 for the fall 2008 exam cycle.

Overall advancement opportunity held steady for the fourth straight exam cycle, with total opportunity decreasing by only .56 percent, from 24.69 percent to 24.13 percent.

Sailors taking the E-4 test saw their advancement opportunity increase from 42.54 percent to 43.94 percent (+1.40 percent), while E-5 quotas stayed stable at 22.60 percent (-.68 percent), and E-6 test takers saw opportunity decrease slightly from 12.14 percent to 10.75 percent (-1.39 percent).

Rear Adm. Dan Holloway, director of CNP’s policy branch, said “I’m happy to see advancement remain steady once again. We saw a smooth trend from last year to this year, and given our increased retention through all paygrades, that’s very encouraging news.”

“We’ll be watching advancement very closely in 2009 and beyond,” Holloway said. “If we continue to see increased retention, especially in the senior pay grades, upcoming advancement cycles could see a decrease in opportunity, especially at the E-7 to E-9 level.”

Ratings advancing 100 percent of E-4 test takers include:
AC – Air traffic controller
AW – Aviation warfare systems operator
CT – Cryptologic technician interpretive
CTM, CTR, CTN, CTT – Cryptologic technician maintenance, collection, networks and technical
EN – Engineman
EOD – Explosive ordnance disposal 
ET, ET (radio)- Electronics technician (ET) and ET radio
FC, FC (Groups 1 and 2) – Fire control technician
GM – Gunner’s mate
GSE – Gas turbine system technician
IS – Intelligence specialist
IT – Information systems technician
LN – Legalman
MC – Mass communication specialist
MM – Machinist’s mate
MMW – Machinist’s mate weapons
MN – Mineman
MR – Machinery repairman
MT – Missile technician
MU – Musician 
ND – Navy diver
SO – Special warfare operator
STG, STS – Sonar technician surface and submarine
YN (Group 1) – Yeoman 

The bottom five advanced ratings for E-4s include:
PS – Personnel specialist (2.10%)
SH – Ship’s serviceman (4.34%)
EA – Engineering aid (8.47%)
MM – Machinist’s mate (17.24%)
ABH – Aviation boatswain’s mate (ACFT handling) (18.52%)

Top five and bottom five ratings for E-5 and E-6 test takers include:
E-5 Top five:
CTR, CTN, CTT, EOD, LN, MR, ND: (100%)
MMN Grp 1 – Machinist’s mate nuclear(92.86%)
ET Radio – Electronic technician Radio (90.00%) 
GM – Gunner’s mate (85.07%)
IS – Intelligence specialist (82.55%) 
SO – Special warfare operator (82.09%) 

E5 Bottom five:
PC – Postal clerk (4.29%) 
EM – Electrician’s mate (3.59%) 
UT – Utilitiesman (2.59%) 
PS – Personnel specialist (2.05%) 
CM – Construction mechanic (2.00%) 

E6 Top five:
SO, NCR: (100%)
SB – Special warfare boat operator (92.11%) 
ETN Grp-1 – Electronic technician nuclear( 90.54%) 
MMN Grp1 – Machinist’s mate nuclear (78.74%) 
CTI – Cryptologic technician interpretative (3) (75.0%) 
IS – Intelligence specialist (68.75%)

E6 Bottom five:
PC – Postal clerk (2.22%)
EM – Electrician’s mate (2.12%)
PS – Personnel specialist (2.05%) 
UT – Utilitiesman (2.02%)
CM – Construction mechanic (2.01%)

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