Do we need this?

I have a nightly routine whether my husband is home or away, where I check the world news updates.  I don’t have a “favorite” site since depending on what mood you are in and who’s side you are on can have an influence on what you claim to be the truth.  But tonight, I just got more and more aggravated. I listen to the news to hear things that can affect me or the people around me.  It’s also nice to hear interesting stories and feel that you are updated with national and world events. What I am getting so frustrated with is the stuff we don’t need. I don’t need to read the detailed description of how a child was beaten and raped, or how a murderer “felt” once in prison!?  These are not stories that are going to help us, inform us, or last entertain us.  I know that drama sells, but have they gone too far?  I think so.  Tonight I looked at both CNN and FOX on-line.  I do have to say that CNN had more unnecessary stories that were just smut in my opinion. FOX didn’t have any in your face headlines, but that doesn’t mean they don’t on any other given night.  

Maybe I’m crazy, but why are they not focusing on things that really matter?  Why all the jaw dropping trash?

I just feel that there are so many other things that deserve our attention and energy.


That is my grip for the night.  Maybe if my husband was home I would be complaining to him! ; )

But that’s what’s so great about a blog.  It’s like an on-line journal. 


Here are a few of the headlines I thought we could live without.

If you didn’t see this kind of stuff, do you feel that you would be missing out???


Vodka-Drinking Father Accidently Shoots, Kills Daughter

Cops: Girl in ‘Cinderella-Type Situation’ Raped, Beaten

Accused killer, 8, calmly talks of finding bodies

Mother sues child over ‘abuse’ memoir

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